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RuneScape Rat Catchers

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NameRat Catchers
Quest Points2
Required Item(s)
Required Quests
Starting NPCGertrude
Related Mobs
Starting LocationVarrock
Related Locations
Rewards4500 Thieving Exp, Access to the Rat Pits, Unlocks Wiley and Lazy Cats
Description1) Bring a pet cat and speak to Gertrude in Varrock.

2) Speak to Grimesquit in the Varrock Sewers.

3) Have your cat catch 8 rats in the Varrock Sewers. If your cat stops catching them feed it or give it a ball of wool to make it happy again.

4) Speak to the sisters again. You will receive a Rat Pole.

5) Speak to Jimmy Dazzler in Ardougne. He is in a house west of the pub. He will give you a map.

6) Read the map that Jimmy gave you to be sent to the mansion.

7) Sneak past the guards and head into the mansion. If they see you they will through you out. Climb up and use the rat pole. Avoid the guards and catch all the rats upstairs and then downstairs. Then leave the house without being caught.

8) Return to Jimmy Dazzler in Ardougne.

9) Speak to Hooknosed Jack in Varrock. He will give you bait in exchange for Kwuarm, Red Spider Eggs and an Empty Vial.

10) Head south to the ladder and go up it. Use the potion that jack gave you onto four pieces of cheese, and then put them into the rat holes.

11) Speak to Hooknosed Jack in Varrock.

12) Speak to the Apothecary in Varrock. Give him a Bucket of Milk, Marrentil and a Ground Unicorn Horn and he will give you a cure.

13) Give the Cure to Hooknosed Jack in Varrock.

14) Head back to the warehouse and use your cat with the hole. It will start fighting the rat. YOu can heal your cat if it needs be.

15) After killing the rat return to Hooknosed Jack.

16) Speak to Smokin' Joe at the mining shop in Keldagrim.

17) Use some Weeds on the Pot and then light it with a Tinderbox. Use the fire with the Rat Hole. If it fails the first time, try it again and it will work.

18) Talk to Smokin' Joe.

19) Speak to The Face in Port Sarim.

20) Speak to Felkrash in the pits of Port Sarim.

21) Return to The Face in Port Sarim.

22) Speak to Ali the Snake Charmer in Pollniveach. Pay the first money but refuse the second payment. Start to walk away and then stop at the prompt and he will accept your original payment and play you a tune.

23) Play the Snake Charm back at the manhole in Port Sarim. Select the right note for each page. You will notice a red symbol above one of the notes. On the page where you can select the particular note, you will need to click on the black symbol in the upper left portion of the page, making it red. Once you have completed copying the notes then play the snake charm and you will drown the rats.

24) Return to Felkrash at the Pit in Port Sarim for your reward.


<2006-12-26 05:53:33>
<Guest>how do yopu attach the rats to the pole?

snake charm notes <2007-01-28 20:38:50>
monkey wizy <Guest>how do i finish the quest which notes do i pick can u plz just give me the notes i haft to play??

help! <2007-03-12 16:32:03>
hihihih <Guest>icant do the notes need help with them

need help to put the cat in the crack in hole <2007-07-25 06:09:44>
mask <Guest>need help to put the cat in the crack in hole

what can a widly cat do??? <2007-07-27 06:37:52>
lala <Guest>lol

rat catchers <2007-07-29 18:20:30>
dan <Guest>i dunno wat notes 2 play or do i need rats in my rat pole?

... <2007-10-05 04:53:50>
... <Guest>what i do if i lost rat pole ?

notes for snake charmer <2008-01-04 08:32:52>
Sue <Guest>please help. i must have tried 100 times to play the notes and i just cant do it. any way possible to tell me exactly what to click on each note page. plz plz plz, help me!!!

help for u <2008-01-13 03:38:51>
Guest <Guest>

notes <2008-03-23 04:54:20>
thebattle300 <Guest>omg i need help its so hard with notes..

HELP <2009-05-27 04:57:25>
yao ming <Guest>What do I do if i accidently take the rats off the pole? They don&#039;t spawn back

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