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RuneScape Bird's Egg

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NameBird's Egg
Bonuses70 Summoning
EffectsYou can use the Egg's on a incubator. Requires 70 summoning
RequirementsSummoning: 70
No Trade?Yes
Member Only?Yes
Found InWillow Tree
DescriptionBird's Eggs can be used in incubator's there are many around the world of Runescape their is one in Taverly etc.

Bird's eggs can be used in incubator's to hatch the man in the shop will look after them for you so they don't get hard-boiled.
Once they've hatched you can take them from the incubator and keep them safely walking behind you!

Remember if you do, do this Like any other pet you must feed it!

Bird's Eggs are found in mainly i know Willow Trees but it can also be any tree.


bird egg <2007-03-12 16:32:03>
kelcoe2 <Guest>wtf!? is it

birds egg <2007-10-09 04:44:54>
broncos guy <Guest>what does it do like do u cook it or do u just sell it or trash it or what?

Ya wat u do wit it <2007-12-23 05:27:56>
tali <Guest>I don't get it but som guy offerd me full dh 4 it its not tradeable tho:(

Birds egg <2008-01-05 05:30:02>
blaze 60 <Guest>its used for the new skill for summoning its very rare!!!!!!! might be worth 50 mil..!! i got a red birds egg and a raven egg

king of dahrock <2008-01-19 03:52:14>
king of dhrock <Guest>what does that egg do how to use it?

hi <2008-01-19 03:52:14>
peter <Guest>were do you get them

i have 1 <2008-01-21 04:20:16>
LOL <Guest>I have 1 wtf do I do wirth it I wanna sell it some guy offered full zam drag rune

what trees <2008-01-29 03:56:33>
cole <Guest>i hear birds and i cut down all the trees around me and no bird eggs:/

birds egg <2008-02-05 21:56:17>
darrell <Guest>i got a birds egg is it trabible

red egg <2008-02-12 05:46:30>
thinder5(my username) <Guest>i got red bids egg i put it in the incubater and its a zamorak hawk as a pet

bird's eggs <2008-03-29 14:21:44>
iloveblack6 <Guest>they are not worth no 50 mil! i got mine from micelania workers. i have 3 or 4 so far

<2008-04-05 02:58:48>
<Guest>blaze you are a liar it's not rare and not tradeable

eggs <2008-05-17 15:21:22>
xaldan8 <Guest>hey is it posible to get like goldencopertail eggs?

eggs <2008-05-17 15:21:22>
xaldan8 <Guest>hey is it posible to get like goldencopertail eggs?

what do i do with it <2008-07-03 04:09:44>
chad 661199 <Guest>what do i do with a bird egg

Eggs <2008-07-06 04:46:52>
Shawn <Guest>None of the eggs are tradeable. If you get a black egg it is a raven egg it is a pet. You need 50 summoning to use it. You must put it in an incubator and it will hatch. If you get a red green or blue egg this is a god egg. You need 70 summoning to use it. Same as the raven it must first be put in an incubator.

requirements. <2008-07-07 12:25:13>
lizkat <Guest>Raven egg, is untradable, you need level 50 summoning to hatch it. (taverly. in an incubator). It follows you around like a pet cat or dog.

eggs <2008-08-16 03:22:20>
bob <Guest>lol i have 39 red 66 green and 14 blue

bird eggs <2008-08-23 04:01:42>
Gralnzx <Guest>is it possible to get a copper longtail egg or wimpy bird egg a bird that u hunt?

bird eggs <2008-10-23 04:16:54>
hayden vos <Guest>i got 178 red eggs and 59 green eggs and 91 blue eggs and 201 black eggs b4 the summoning update came ftw??? how did that work out and add me on runescape my account is rhys__hayden

bird eggs <2008-12-22 18:53:17>
locked <Guest>what does a green egg hatch into

. <2009-02-07 05:25:35>

eggs <2009-02-17 04:21:28>
bolton rule6 <Guest>i realy want the diffrent eggs but i cant get hold of. i wana use for stirit cobra.

ravens egg <2009-04-22 05:37:26>
bilal <Guest>i got a ravens egg after 10 minutes and i just put it in bank, what do i do with it, what does the pet do? is it for looks? What is its max hit?

Blue Egg <2009-05-02 00:30:44>
&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; <Guest>Do u need 70 summoning to hatch it? (do u have to have 70 summoning?)

Birds Egg <2009-08-04 00:54:54>
Exgdeadaim <Guest>Well Ive found one of these eggs in seers village, clearly though i dont have 70 summoning im about to smash the egg and slaughter the chick inside sound good?

<2009-08-30 02:51:14>
gary sankey <Guest>wtf i have a birds egg wtf do i do with it

Bird egg <2009-09-06 04:33:19>
Koty <Guest>their not tradable and its a random chance to get one when woodcutting if you wear a lucky rabbit goot necklace you have a better chance also you can get one from your kingdom

Eggs <2009-09-07 18:58:16>
Mistuhpie <Guest>Ive just got 70 summoning, and have incubated my green birds egg, a guthix raptor, it takes about 2-2 &amp; a half hours to incubate, this is on members world, and u must be online for the time to count, if u get an egg, just store it if u dont have 70 summoning, and incubate it if you do

egg <2009-11-15 23:28:53>
ragin champ <Guest>i have a red egg and it a big bird now im doing the same thing what do i do no if i whan a green edd and blue , raven egg. &lt;(*_*)&gt;

Your answers <2009-11-27 06:03:01>
fly help <Guest>Guys, its totally randoma dn cool, you can&#039;t fight w/ pets, it&#039;s just mean.. you should as we say, keep it until you can use it!

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